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MarketPsych Data provides sentiment analysis and research for U.S. equities and ETFs using linguistic analysis of financial news, social media, and executive interviews. Basic subscribers receive weekly strategy letters, trade recommendations, and access to charting tools. Premium subscribers and quants receive historical data, and up to hourly sentiment datafeeds on 6,000+ U.S. equities. Learn more and sign-up for MarketPsych Data here:

"Money Minded: How to Psychoanalyze the Stock Market"
Jacob Ward and Rob Armstrong / Popular Science Magazine. February 2008.

"Putting Investors on the Couch."
Tess Vigelund / Marketplace Money (NPR audio). October 3, 2008.

"Decoding the Psychology of Trading."
James Mackintosh / Financial Times. July 16, 2010.

Dr. Peterson's book " Inside the Investor's Brain: The Power of Mind Over Money (Wiley Trading)" (July, 2007).

"Not only is this a fascinating book for everyone, it may also be the most profitable book you ever read."
- George Akerlof, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Please see additional endorsements. The book is being translated into Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese.

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